Akademia Dagmary” („Dagmara’s Academy”) stands for my YouTube channel, where I present numerous levels of creativity.

Design and travel.

Interior design and architecture.

Fashion and photography.

Art and unique places all over the world.

While shooting my films I try to show You the greatness of design; I try to convince You that design is not only related to material items but more and more often to personal experiences.

I travel all over the world and all over the year, literally across continents, to show You everything what is best in design – I visit fairs and exhibitions, I climb roofs, I descend beneath the water level, and I’ve even took one flight over the cuckoo’s nest with a helicopter.

Everything I do it for You, My Dearest Reader, to encourage You to design Your world by Yourself, The One and Only You.

So, please, subscribe my You Tube channel – „Akademia Dagmary” – and go with me! Let’s take this wonderful journey together!