My name is Dagmara Jakubczak.

FORelements was launched in 2012. It is a place to unveil creativity in its many dimensions – ranged from design, through interiors, architecture, fashion and photography, to art. It also shows how these fields are connected or related, how they interact and interlace, how they inspire and spur one another. FORelements is focused on the ideas of disegno and Gesamtkunstwerk, which I got interested in while studying the history of art.

I’m a contributor to Polish and foreign media, publishing articles and films, also giving or doing interviews on design, art, trends, interiors, etc.

“I travel the world and the seven seas”, visiting crucial fairs and festivals, amazing places, unique events and exhibitions related to my field of interest.  You can watch all my journeys on my YouTube channel “Akademia Dagmary” (“Dagmara’s Academy”).

I give lectures and professional trainings on design, also as a speaker at a TEDx conference. I’ve also hosted numerous professional events on design and related fields.

I use my professional experience in cooperation with companies in Poland and abroad, working as a trend expert and design advisor, also for collectors.

If you want to see more, please watch the following films with the overview of my activities in 2017 and 2018. And there’s still a lot more to come…